Monday, June 13, 2011

Security overseas

I thought that even people who faraway from infosec knows that WEP encryption for personal access point is bad idea.... But not for the biggest Canada telecom: Bell.
All Bell's new DSL-modem (with AP) shipping to the customer WEP enabled! More over it's not just shipping from stock- all AP already came preconfigured for the customer!

 The second surprise was: Canadian banks have no slightest idea about such simple thing of m-banking as sms notifications! So, in country where cash is used really rarely  there is absolutely  no way to stay informed by sms about you credit/debit card transactions! 
Sure thing, all bank have self-care web portals or , even, an iPhone apps, but , guess what? - no two-factors  authentication for end customer at all! No sms notification of login attempts to your online account too.

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