Monday, June 27, 2011

Insecure security

Dear credit cards users:
Next time when you gonna pay by credit card take a look on security camera behind the salesman. Today almost all point of sale equipped with a surveillance cameras. The best place to  install it - up at the wall right behind the salesman. But, this camera could not only capture your face for security purpose , but located at the best position and view angles to take a snapshot of both side of your credit card when salesman  or you rotate it looking for appropriate side to insert it in pos-terminal.

Hey, U , security guys, have you hide CVV code on your credit card? Or flashing it everywhere when take your card out of pocket?
Yes, current standart security camera resolution not enough for good snapshot, but time flies. 

PS. It's almost social engineering thing - we used to see surveillance cameras in any shop and never think about it as a possible security threat.

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