Wednesday, December 4, 2019 completetly rebuilded

To improve performance and service scalability was completely rebuild leveraging aws native services and serverless approach.

Now service:
  • support both http and https
  • has dedicated scanning endpoint:
  • has a human readable website:
  • scanning endpoint now api driven and will support rest api calls for advanced functionality
  • serverless and scalable
Main functionality so far unchanged: 
What it does? TCP Scan of you external IP.
What it scanning for: 100 most used tcp ports. Actually a bit more than 100 - I'm slowly adding more ports.
How to use: simply curl from your console/terminal or open it in browser or visit will trigger scan)
How fast: whole scan takes about a second. Results for each requester IP are cached for 1 hour to reduce load and prevent abuse.

Why? Needed quick way to check open ports on server/gateway/fw/router while being inside the console.

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