Monday, July 24, 2017

S3 buckets audit: check bucket's public access level, etc .. updated with authorised audit support

I previous post: S3 buckets audit: check bucket existence, public access level, etc - without having access to target AWS account I described and released tool to audit s3 buckets even without access to the AWS account these buckets belong to.

But what about if I have access to the bucket's account or I would like to audit all buckets in my AWS account?

These features have been addressed in the new release of the s3 audit tool:

$python --profile prod-read --bucket bucket2test

$python --profile prod-read --file aws

$python --profile prod-read --file buckets.list

                        Please specify AWS CLI profile
  -B BUCKET, --bucket=BUCKET
                        Please provide bucket name
  -F FILE, --file=FILE  Optional: file with buckets list to check or aws to check all buckets in your account

--profile=AWS_PROFILE - yours AWS access profile (from aws cli). This profile  might or might not have access to the audited bucket (we need this just to become Authenticated User from AWS point of view ).

If  AWS_PROFILE allows authorised access to the bucket being audited - tool will fetch bucket's ACLs, Policies and S3 Static Web setting and perform authorised audit.

If AWS_PROFILE does not allow authorised access - tool will work in pentester mode

You can specify:
  •  one bucket to check using --bucket option
  •  file with list of buckets(one bucket name per line) using --file option
  •  all buckets in your AWS account (accessible using AWS_PROFILE) using --file=aws option

Based on the your AWS profile limitations tool will provide you:
  • indirect scan results (AWS_profile have no API access to the bucket being audited)
  • validated scan results based on you s3 buckets settings like ACL, bucket policy and s3 website config. (AWS_profile have API access to the bucket being audited )
Enjoy and stay secured.

PS. Currently tool does not support bucket check for Frankfurt region (AWS Signature Version 4). Working on it.


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