Monday, March 17, 2014

Junk Cloud POC project.

Junk Cloud is fast deploying CloudStack environment running on KVM hypervisor and using outdated equipment.

As first attempt to build Junk Cloud I have tested CloudStack baremetal support. What I expect from baremetal support?

  • reduce time to configure and deploy each host
  • you can add computing resources (physical hosts) to the cloud in a minutes instead of hours. 
  • fast deployment of the new private cloud
  • allow easy utilization of outdated hardware

Unfortunately CloudStack built-in baremetal support is limited:

  • not support advanced networking
  • not support central storage (SAN)
  • not support vmotion and HA

So, it was decided to build own version of the barematal support for theCloudStack:

  • network boot (pxe boot)
  • network auto install of lnux + kvm + network + CloudStack
  • storage configuration 
  • upon completion auto selfprovisionng to the CloudStack as a new host (resource)
The Anaconda install script for building and configuring Centos based KVM host for CloudStack (Advanced networking support) on GitHub:

This script is missing auto selfprovisionng to the CloudStack feature for test purpose. It will be updated after final tests.

Tested and suggested deployment architecture (for the small deployments):

From my point of view implementation of proposed architecture will be:

  • core components: cloud controller + network storage installed and configured. 
  • to add new host just connect it to network and power.
  • all rest done automatically.
Private Cloud? it's that simple:

Build a Cloud Controller:
And finally add all your old hardware:

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