Friday, September 10, 2010

Multiboot USB Flash drive

Summer's over, so I'm back (Again)

Let's start from a small trick. If you are security guy (i hope you are) you definitely need to have hell of a lot different liveOS . Sure thing you can have a lot of boot CD, DVD or flash drives with you. But what about one flash disk with multiply different liveOS on it? More over they start from .iso files on flash drive! Very useful!
So, here the steps to create this flash drive.
1. Partition your flash disk. Normally you flash drive is in superfloppy mode with no partition on it.
You can't partition your flash disk by standart Windows format tool. For this purpose use HP USB Format Tool on Windows or Disk Utility on MacOS.
2. Now you have two options:
- use Multiboot USB program on windows and install everything using GUI. In this case just choose which linux you wish to install from the list of preconfigured options.
- use GRUB4DOS (Multiboot USB based on it too) project and do the same manualy.

In my case I've got BackTrack4,Ubuntu NR, Ophcrack XP,Ultimate Boot CD and Offline NT Password Remover on the 4Gb flash disk.

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