Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to see unseen

If I say that you 100% have a lot of infrared cameras at home you probably will not trust me.
So, lets test it! As a infrared light source we gonna use remote control.
First tests - Sumsung Corby mobile phone:

Second test - build-in web camera in MacBook laptop.

How it's possible? Sensor in you camera (CCD or CMOS) is sensitive for Infrared. CMOS sensor is sensitive in the near infrared than CCD sensor, but both of them work good with infrared projector (that could be made from infrared light emitting diodes ) Usually vendors install IR cut filter before the sensor, so, if you remove it (for a lot of cameras models it's really easy) you will get possibility to make cool IR photos.

How we can use it? For fun, as a very simple night vision system, or even as kind of x-ray system for some kind of materials transparent in IR lights (some types of paper, synthetics, etc)

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